SMG SportChamp™

Colony owns and operates one of the only SportChamp’s on the west coast. We offer synthetic turf maintenance for all synthetic turf fields. A site visit will be performed to answer any questions you have before scheduling the maintenance. We utilize trained technicians who perform all of its services.

The SMG SportChamp is renowned in the industry for it’s many capabilities. This all in one unit simultaneously decompacts the infill, brushes the fibers upright, sucks up unwanted dirt/debris, all while a powerful vacuum filters fine particulates. This process rejuvenates previously matted fibers and rids the synthetic turf of foreign objects that may cause harm. A high strength tow behind magnet insures any metal particles in your turf are removed. With our sprayer attachment, we have the ability to disinfect and sanitize the playing surface as well.

To learn more about the SportChamp, view the brochure here.

For a free site visit and consultation, please contact Mike at 408-941-1090 ext 150 or

A red lawn mower on a soccer field.